Внутриигрове локации и данжи
Opening a server
The server has already opened!

Dear players! We wish everyone a pleasant game on a fully playable server -  REVOWINTER 

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ANSWER: At the moment, the server rates are set to x4, but in hunting zones the rates increase to x5 - x6. In addition, at the start, all newcomers have boosters with XP experience.
ANSWER: We regularly update the game content and improve the long-forgotten game. In many ways, on this issue, we rely on the opinions of the players.
ANSWER: Of course, the server is a classic version of the NWO game. But we also make our own changes to the game content, refining and improving it.
Will there be new classes/races/equipment/companies/dungeons?
ANSWER: They will. Everything is being developed gradually. Stay tuned. At the moment we already have content for several months ahead.
ANSWER: This version is only the server and client parts without the main content of module 9. But, we can use all the functions, scripts and limits of the new version to move with the same content as currently available to the version of module 9. Many problems with the client and crashes will be resolved, and there will also be more opportunities for the development of the project, as the functionality of libraries and executable files will expand.
ANSWER: The project's policy implies transparency and high-quality collection of data received from users. The answer is: here, as in any MMO (and not only MMO) game, players encounter errors or bugs. The difference between us and other projects is that for us the players and their needs always come first. Having identified what you don’t like, you can always count on high-quality feedback and quick troubleshooting.